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7 Ways To Make Your iPhone Run Faster

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There’s nothing more frustrating than your iPhone slowing down. You click an app button, and it takes a few seconds to think about it. It drives us crazy! We use our phones all day, every day, so a slowdown has a big effect on us. But, don’t worry, there are plenty of things you can do to speed it up. Years of regular use will cause an inevitable slowdown, so take this chance to breathe new life into your iPhone.

1. Close your apps

The Apple geniuses tell us that this is the most effective thing you can do for your iPhone. When you’re done with an app, make sure you close it down. How do you do this? Start by double clicking the home button. It should give you a carousel of your open apps. Simply flick them upwards to close down. Leaving them open means they’re constantly updating, and downloading data.

2. Turn your phone off

We’re all guilty of leaving our phone turned on 24/7. We’re always connected, even overnight! Try turning it off while you sleep now and then. It will give your phone a chance to recharge, and restore itself to full operating power.

3. Delete your old photos

Your phone will become sluggish when it has to drag lots of data around. When the memory is getting close to full, it’s bound to slow down. One of your biggest memory munchers is photos. Transfer your old pics to your laptop, and then delete as many as possible from your phone. Make some room, and give your iPhone space to breathe!

4. Delete large apps

We’ve all got apps we never use taking up crucial space. We get over-excited, and download tons of applications. Take a look through your apps now. Delete anything you haven’t used in more than a month. If you want to know which ones are taking up the most space, go to the storage setting page.

5. Delete your text threads

How about the thousands of texts back and forth to your ex? They can go. Old group conversations with your friends? Get rid of them. Your iPhone exerts a lot of energy holding onto these old texts. Go through and delete anything you’re unlikely to read again.

6. Clear Safari’s cache

Just like your computer, your iPhone will slow down when the internet browser is storing a lot of data. This web data is stored in Safari’s cache. Clear that, and you’ll speed up the performance of Safari, and your phone in general. You’ll find this option in Settings > Safari.

7. Update your iOS software

Sometimes, the answer lies in a simple update. Each software update is designed to clean up problems, and make your phone run faster. Stop ignoring the little update notification, and download the new software!

Do all seven of these tricks, and your phone will become fast as lightning. Almost as good as when you first bought it. Have you got any other life-extending tricks? Let us know!